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Speaking Engagements with Tina Lee, mother to America's Got Talent Winner Kodi Lee. 

Meet Tina

Mother | Activist | Speaker | Manager

I am passionate first and foremost. Then comes what makes me who I am, my family. Being an advocate for my child with disabilities for over 25 years has given me a unique perspective on life, challenges and overcoming adversity.

I'd like to share my story with you, what helped me get Kodi to where he is today, and the tools that helped me never give up and to always be my son's champion.


Dreams and passion are what fuel creativity and the will to fight on no matter how hard it gets.

To hear Tina's story and all that she has achieved all on her own is inspiring and truly special. Her and Kodi are so amazing, word's cannot explain how special they are.

- Hiedie S.

Nothing is more touching than hearing a mother's journey fighting for their children. Tina's inspiring story will help you understand what determination, passion and resilience really gets you!

- Jared G.

Having a child with autism, hearing Tina speak about how she overcame so much to get Kodi where he is today is so incredible. It gave me hope, and courage to fight on. Loved the event!

- Sarah F.

Tina's Feed

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